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Additional images may be viewed on Earthography ® Series I or Series IV pages.


The Earthography Water series now includes dramatic images of the Atlantic Ocean.

Experiencing the beauty of the vast blue expanse reaffirms our commitment to help preserve our planet's most precious resource - water.


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Wave 6195
    Earthography - Oceana 6195
Heavy seas in the Atlantic off the east coast of North America offer a powerful display.
Wave 6300
Wave 6301
Earthography - Oceana 6300   Earthography - Oceana 6301
A veritable wall of water displays the immense energy of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean.
Water sprays into the air as a wave crests in the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of North America.
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Wave 6314
Earthography - Oceana 6249   Earthography - Oceana 6314
Wind-whipped spray creates spectral wisps evoking lost mariners.
A rolling wave churns the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.
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earth33   earth32
Earthography - 33   Earthography - 32
This vibrant image captures the power of a rushing cascade on a spring day. Different color reflections add to the dynamic nature of this image. A stream swollen by heavy spring rains reflects the late afternoon glow of the sun in this abstract interpretation.
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earth37   earth35
Earthography - 37 Earthography - 35

Golden reflections of the late day sun create a bronze tableau that highlights the swells of the creek rushing by.

Morning sun dapples the surface of a swiftly moving creek and highlights the undulating waves formed by the rocks below.

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earth34   earth38
Earthography - 34   Earthography - 38

Refreshing cool blues and greens accentuate the swiftness of stream as it roils over rocks hidden just beneath the surface.

Strong shadows, splashes of blue and green offset broad strokes of bronze in this dynamic image of a spring rain-swollen stream speeding through the waterway.
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Earthography - 36   Earthography - 31
A digital abstraction creates a vibrancy that magnifies the fluid nature of the subject.
  A bold interpretation of water rushing through a spillway. The abstract, calming image is ideal for office décor and waiting rooms.
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