Earthography® Water Series - Variations on a Stream

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Additional images may be viewed on Earthography® Series I.


The Earthography Water series now includes "Variations on a Stream."

These images capture the fluid beauty of a small stream as it winds its way beneath a canopy of trees.


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    Earthography - 5499
The rushing waters of a rain-swollen country stream cascade over submerged rocks.
Earthography - 5500   Earthography - 5504
The dynamic power of a country stream is reflected in golden tones.
A spot of sunlight breaks through overhead shade to highlight a hidden rock.
preview2   preview2
Earthography - 5505   Earthography - 5535
Water flows over a ledge and swirls in the shadows.
The fast-moving water forms a smooth, reflective surface on its way downstream.
preview2   preview2
Earthography - 5561   Earthography - 5580
Dark shadows turn the surface of the stream into a raging storm. The rush of water sends tiny droplets into the cool spring air.
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Earthography - 5586

Earthography - 5588

Waters churn white as they cascade below a waterfall.

The placid surface reflects early morning sun and nearby green foliage.

preview2   preview2

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    Earthography - 5611
  The rushing stream forms an arching water spout that lasted only seconds.

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