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Additional images can be viewed on the Earthography Water Series & Earthography Series II pages.



Earthography - VIII   Earthography - VII
Dramatic photograph of a horizon filling cloud bank as seen from above. The stark desert terrain of Nevada offsets the deep blue waters of Lake Mead.
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E14-hills   E11-fields
Earthography - XIV Earthography - XI
The last rays of the setting sun define a river valley cutting through a verdant carpet of farm and woodland. Intricate patterns of farmland fields create a mosaic of undulating lines and shapes.
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E22-lake   E15-mtns
Earthography - XXII   Earthography - XV
Shadows of midday clouds dot the surface of Sam Rayburn Lake near the Angelina National Forest. A vibrant interpretation of foliage and the rocky terrain of a southwestern foothills.
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Earthography® Series II

Earthography - I Vibrant    
A dramatic and colorful aerial view of a river traversing the desert landscape of the American Southwest.    

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