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Images from our recent Alaskan venture where we experienced the beauty of glaciers.

The centuries-old ice formations are retreating at an alarming pace and, because of climate change,

are in danger of disappearing completely.


Earthography - 389 - Hubbard Glacier   Earthography - 272 - Hubbard Glacier

A close up view of the Hubbard Glacier face, which rises some 300 feet above the surface of Disenchantment Bay.

  The intense blue of the Hubbard Glacier ice shows the detrius gathered in its centuries-long trek.

Earthography - 304 - Hubbard Glacier   Earthography - 527 - Hubbard Glacier
A dramatic shot of the eastern end of the Hubbard Glacier near Russell Fjord.   Calving on the face of Hubbard Glacier sends massive chunks of ice down its 300 foot high face.
Earthography - 008 - Hubbard Glacier   Earthography - 218 - Norris Glacier
A rock outcropping at the eastern end of Hubbard Glacier offsets the icy blue face.   A low flyover offers a bird's eye view of the Norris Glacier in Taku Inlet.

Earthography - 158 - West Twin Glacier   Earthography - 143 - East Twin Glacier
The massive West Twin Glacier cuts through a mountain crevice on its joureny to Taku Inlet.   One of five glaciers located within Taku Inlet, the East Twin cascades between steep mountain slopes.
Earthography - 114 - Taku Inlet Glacier  
Earthography - 216 - Norris Glacier
A snow slide is seen from directly overhead the Taku Inlet glacier field.  
A close up view of the intense blue glacial ice showing through the wind-blown snow cover on Norris Glacier.

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