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A small selection of Michael's photographs presented by

American Labor Museum / Botto House National Landmark.

An eBook version of the exhibit is available at the iTunes Bookstore.

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Allied Textile Printers

In 1791, Alexander Hamilton witnessed firsthand the immense power of the Great Falls in Paterson and set into motion a grand vision of an industrial and manufacturing center for the nascent United States.

Among the industries that prospered was textile printing and production. Yet, less than 200 years later, the vision dimmed and all, but a handful of mills, were gone. Allied was among the departed.

These photographs depict the workers, the mill and area in its final throes.



Photographs © 2009 circleMstudios.. All rights reserved   The Waverly Mill - Later Years
Hiding in Plain Sight Finding the Right Lot
Tool Box   Pad Man
Dinner Break   Jersey Street
Neither snow, nor rain.... Beamer
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